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Dronninglund Continuation School

Located in North Jutland, Dronninglund Continuation School, which has a strong focus on the environment and sustainability, is now pleased to be one step closer to integrating the UN’s Global Goals.

In the autumn of 2020, the continuation school installed our intelligent EnergySystem, where the focus was on optimising heating and ventilation, with an overview of data and consumption patterns, as well as LED lighting.

Technical manager Ole Lauersen got a full overview and easy control of the school’s installations, where he especially highlighted a function that has made everyday life easier; the function that manages the heating and turns it off automatically when students open windows and doors. This has allowed the school to save a lot of money, as the situation went unchecked before.

The school’s hall and classrooms were fitted with LED lighting, which has resulted in significant savings combined with better lighting. With the energy savings, the school can pay for the investment by using our attractive financing solution, as most schools choose to do.

Syddjurs Deanery

In winter/spring 2021, a total of 35 churches in Syddjurs Provsti had heat control.

Our heat management makes it easy for church staff to schedule heating of the church itself, as the heat is controlled via the calendar. This allows the system to know when funerals, weddings, services, etc. are being held. The control regulates the heat automatically, with the desired temperature being reached when the churchgoers arrive and then lowered when the event is over.

It is incredibly important for church staff to control the temperature, as well as the humidity, so that irreplaceable frescoes and other antiques can be preserved.

Aalborg Portland

Aalborg Portland is a Danish producer of cement and, for them, it is important to monitor the temperature in their cement as part of their quality control.

Therefore, back in 2017, they got EnergySystem installed.

By gaining access to temperature measurements at the location of a customer who is producing concrete, Aalborg Portland has the opportunity to collect data material regarding the development of the cement temperature during the mixing process.

Aalborg Portland also uses temperature measurements in connection with surveys carried out in collaboration with customers, to investigate the influence of cement temperature on the properties of the concrete, among other factors.

Product technical consultant, Anya Roskjær Knudsen says that they are very satisfied with the temperature measurement that SoftControl and CleverHouse help them with and would highly recommend the system to others who can benefit from it.

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