Connect an entire city and make optimal use of surplus heat/electricity by decentralising consumption via an intelligent central EnergySystem control. For example, a thermal power generating station can, in principle, ask 100 households to turn on the underfloor heating in the bathroom when too much electricity is produced from the wind turbines.

Conduct measurements and manage with EnergySystem with minimal geographical hindrance, and share data with SCADA or SRO systems. For example, intelligent circulation with an EnergySystem control can ensure domestic hot water for district heating customers all year round and, at the same time, send data to the thermal power generating station, which then regulates the pump optimally so that the pressure is optimally regulated. 

A milk producer who is dependent on keeping the milk cold can get alerts early in the event of a stoppage, by measuring the tank temperature in the cooling tank, the electricity consumption and the outdoor temperature. Based on these parameters, an EnergySystem control can give an early warning and help to ensure that the milk does not have to be discarded.

EnergySystem can also be connected to SunSystem so that the consumption of solar cells can easily be monitored and controlled with regard to surplus production.



Features most commonly used in industry

  • Consumption overview and optimisation, etc.
  • Control and management of energy resources

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