Easily keep track of the heat and regulate it when and where it suits you

Control the entire heating installation of the house through the user-friendly CleverHouse app or via the computer. Here you can see the current temperature in the individual rooms and set the desired temperature to ensure optimal energy management of radiators, underfloor heating and electric heating.

You also have the option of setting programs for individual rooms, programming to lower the temperature at night, automatically turning off the heating when the window is opened or adding holiday periods into the system to save both energy and money.

Set the heat in the calendar

The system can also be set via a Google calendar or Outlook calendar, so that, for example, the temperature is raised in connection with calendar activities.


  • Control the entire heating installation of a house or a building via an app on a tablet or a smartphone
  • See the current temperature in individual rooms and set the desired temperature
  • Create programs for individual rooms
  • See all historical temperature data
  • Lower temperature at night, and set for holiday periods
  • Run the system alongside your calendar
  • Automatically turn off the heating when windows open

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