Take an informative look at the screen,
and bring your company’s messages to the forefront.


Bring your message to the forefront and monitor content via CleverHouse

View your data easily via a screen solution at eye level. Communicate statistics from CleverHouse and SunSystem, such as energy production from renewable energy sources, electricity consumption, energy consumption, water consumption, etc. In addition, you can present all sorts of other kinds of useful information on the screen. View daily programme, activity calendar, PowerPoint presentation, photos, and much more.

Easy setup and connection

All setup is done via the website:

with user login, so you can easily edit and display different types of content on the screen in your company, organisation, school or holiday centre.
The system can handle multiple infoscreens, and you just need to connect the InfoScreen box to a standard screen via an HDMI cable or download the InfoScreen app to your Android SmartTV.

Download the app on Google Play

Use the screen for your messages

With InfoScreen, you can configure both dashboards and infoscreens.

  • The dashboard is displayed via a URL link and consists of fields where you can insert the desired data - everything from images to data on consumption.
  • Info screens are displayed via the InfoScreen box or via a SmartTV. Here you can configure and switch automatically between several settings, e.g., switch between consumption data and current global news to scenic images.


InfoScreen can be used by anyone, even without connecting CleverHouse or SunSystem. Simply create a user profile with a fixed monthly payment per setup.