Use your CleverHouse to control your electric car charger and achieve the following benefits:

  • Get the electricity tax back on chargers with a built-in electricity meter.
  • Dynamic control of charging current from 0-32A (0-22kW) which ensures optimal charging in relation to time and economy.
  • Set a limit for maximum current draw so that the fuse does not blow.
  • If there are several electric car chargers on the same main fuse, load distribution can be made, which ensures that the fuse does not blow.
  • To control charging based on forecast based hourly electricity price, which ensures the cheapest charging.
  • To control charging based on excess current from solar cells.
  • To manage charging on time, for example fixed charging at night.
  • Remotely controlling charging via the app so that accidental charging is not possible.
  • Charging stations can be made publicly available so that charging of electric cars can be sold to others.
  • Weekly programs can be made for public charging time.
  • The price for electricity and parking is determined by the owner.
  • Price differentiation can be made so that residents of a housing association have one price and guests another price. It could also be employees of a company and guests of a company.
  • Administrator portal for managing active public electric car chargers.


Be part of the sharing culture

As an addon to the CleverHouse car charger module, there is the LetEl app . With this app, it becomes possible for other electric car owners to charge their car. The app is available in the app store or Google PLAY and by installing this app an account with SoftControl can be created in 1 minute. When the account is activated, by entering a mobile number and/or email, a payment method must be created. Payment method is either MobilePay or Dankort/credit card. Once the payment method has been selected, the account is ready for use.

The active LetEl account now makes it possible to find available CleverHouse electric car chargers that the owners have made publicly available. From the app, it is possible to book/reserve an electric car charger so that you don't drive in vain. On the app, it is also possible to see the price for a kWh and how much it costs per hour to reserve a car charger (The parking price is calculated from the time of booking until charging starts and again after car charging is completed). It is the owner of the electric car charger who decides the price for electricity and parking.

When an electric car charger has been booked in LetEl, it is possible to have the app navigate to the stand. From the app, there is also an overview of historical charges with receipt and payment method. It is also possible to get an overview of consumed kWh over time in the form of graphs.

When the LetEl user arrives at the booked charging station, the car is connected and charging is activated in the app. During charging, electricity consumption is shown in kWh and in kroner as well as the total parking fee.