Remotely operate your door locks, and provide and remove access with a digital key and sms

Manage access control of the door lock via the associated app - either on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Also create your weekly programs for access control, where you ensure that the door is always locked at night, or conversely the door is programmed to be open during the building’s fixed opening hours.

You also have the option of making a digital key for your cleaning staff or other people who periodically need easy access to the building. Access control can also be assigned and operated via sms, so that a code is sent to the person who must have access via the code keypad.

Get quick access to knowledge

  • Access control is managed via the app
  • Code keypads and fobs can also be used
  • Create weekly programs for access control to ensure that the door is always locked at night
  • Program to ensure access within the building’s fixed opening hours
  • Create a digital key for cleaning staff or workmen who need easy access to the building
  • Access control can also be operated via sms
  • Connect electronic door lock
  • Controller + electronic door lock

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