17 Sustainable Development Goals

We help our customers to achieve a sustainable everyday life

By focusing on 5 of the UN's 17 Global Goals, we can help our customers to make a green transition.


Contribute positively to the societal challenges

The UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development were adopted by the world’s heads of state and government at the UN Summit in New York on 25 September 2015. It marked an ambitious and transformative development agenda not seen previously. The goals came into force on 1 January 2016 and must, by 2030, set us on a path towards more sustainable development for both people and the planet we live on.

We are committed to helping our customers achieve a sustainable daily life by integrating 5 of these global goals into our solutions. Many companies, schools, churches, and even private individuals have chosen to identify the societal challenges that the world faces in their future strategy, and thereby figure out how they themselves can contribute positively to the green transition.

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