Heating of churches with an EnergySystem control offers many benefits. By default, the humidity is logged and stored so that data can be easily displayed. Excessive or low humidity is generally a problem in churches with older frescoes and other irreplaceable objects.

EnergySystem provides the ability for the controller to automatically calculate the heating time, thus saving energy by switching on the heat when it is necessary. In the calculation, the system takes into account the outdoor temperature and the current temperature in the church and turns on the heat, so that there is the desired temperature at the time as specified in the program.

Many churches use a digital calendar, e.g., ChurchDesk, Outlook or Google, for setting up services and other church activities, whereby they are easily transferred via an iCal function to EnergySystem with the CleverHouse app. Thereby the priest can quickly set the system to manage the heat, lighting, access control, etc. in the church. The sexton, too, can set the system to have the door unlock early in the morning, providing access to workmen, or have the doors lock late in the evening after the church choir has finished rehearsing.

Due to the multi-installation function in EnergySystem, it is possible to gather several churches in one user interface, so that an entire parish with several churches can be controlled from just a single online device. If there are, for instance, three churches, which always have the same patterns of operation, then they can be controlled by the same system.

It is also possible to control the church’s other buildings such as the chapel, toilet facilities, and parish community centre from the same device.

Features most commonly used in churches

  • Create default settings for the various activities at the church
  • Control and manage the heat and humidity level at church buildings from a single unit
  • Easy and simple management of all buildings during weekdays, weekends, and holidays through the church’s digital calendar
  • Consumption overview and optimisation, etc.
  • Lighting control at sunrise and sunset
  • Doors lock automatically outside opening hours
  • Control of the bell at church activities

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