At hotels and holiday centres, it is typically heat control, lighting control, and access control that are most commonly used.

With EnergySystem, it is possible to integrate with the existing booking system, so that the room or apartment can be set to an inhabited state when the guest checks in. The utility metres are read electronically, and the values are added to the guest’s expense upon check-out. User administration can also be made so that the receptionist can change the room temperature for the individual guest, but at check-out the temperature is reset to the temperature set by the administrator by default.

Utility metre data is also stored so that it is possible to produce a graphical display of the consumption for the individual guest, which can be used as documentation in case of discrepancies with the bill.

The access control allows you to easily manage the access to the individual rooms or apartments. It is possible to use code keypads, wireless cards, SMS, or website to open the door.

A tablet can be mounted on the wall in the room or apartment if multi-installation is used. This allows the guest to control their own room/apartment. In addition to this, it is possible for the administrator to upload PDF files inside the app that the guest has at their disposal. It can be relevant information about the hotel/holiday centre.

The message module allows the administrator to send notifications to EnergySystem, which causes a push notification on the screen.

Furthermore, an overall monitoring of the humidity of the individual rooms can be made to ensure a healthy home and avoid damage caused by dry rot.

Day & night management

EnergySystem allows for heat management in hotel rooms/holiday homes. Lower the temperature to 15 °C when the room/accommodation is not booked by guests. If the room/home is booked, set the daytime temperature to 22 °C and lower the temperature to 18 °C at night.

In this example, the hotel has a 60% occupancy rate in one month. With heat control, the hotel can achieve a saving of 32%.

Features most commonly used at hotels/holiday centres

  • When windows are opened, the heat is turned off automatically
  • Control the heat of the entire hotel from a single unit
  • Easy and simple management of all conference rooms and hotel rooms, etc. via the hotel’s digital calendar
  • Consumption overview and optimisation, etc.
  • Control over guest access
  • Renewable energy sources and surplus management

As a new feature, the technical manager can also receive an alert on their smartphone if there is a running toilet and prevent consumption and resources from getting out of control.

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