Save on heat and keep expenses down no matter where you are.

A heat pump is an environmentally friendly choice that reduces your CO2 emissions and provides a potential saving of up to 60-70% on your heat consumption.

With CleverHouse, you can upgrade your existing heat pump system so you can control features such as temperature and fan speed through the app, just as you can with the heat pump’s remote control. You can see the current room temperature, change the desired temperature, see graphs of historical temperatures, and create weekly programs to increase comfort. For example, save money by automatically turning off the heat when you drive away from home and turn it on again before you return. Your home will never be too cold or too hot again.

SoftControl Aps also sells heat pumps - see more under SunSystem.

Get your head pumped full of knowledge

  • Control the heat pump via a smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Turn off the heat when you are away and turn on it back on when you are on your way home
  • Use the option of manual override
  • Create weekly programs
  • Make sure you have a home that does not get too cold in the winter
  • Receive a notification if the temperature drops below the specified point
  • See the logged temperature data

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