Originally, SoftControl developed CTS for schools, so EnergySystem is optimal for buildings that have fixed patterns of operation, such as classrooms.

Weekly programs are ideal for schools and institutions, as a school year consists of both regular weeks and holiday weeks. This means the system can easily be set up so that homerooms, classrooms, teachers’ lounges, etc., are heated from Monday through Friday during school opening hours and then have the temperature lowered during weekends, holidays, and public holidays. In addition, the technical manager also has the option of creating a one-time event, if, for instance, the school building is hosting a parent-teacher conference.

Through the iCal function, teachers are able to set up events that are controlled by EnergySystem, e.g., a class event.

In the case of larger buildings, the heating system is often distributed across several mixing loops, which are also optimally controlled via the EnergySystem. When all rooms have reached the desired temperature, EnergySystem switches off the pump, so that the energy losses in the pipes are minimised. The flow temperature is also calculated from EnergySystem, so that unnecessary hot water is not sent around the system.

Features most commonly used at schools and institutions

  • When windows are opened, the heat is turned off automatically
  • Control the heating of the entire school from a single unit
  • Simple management of all buildings during holidays and weekends through the school’s digital calendar
  • Consumption overview and optimisation, etc.

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