Hybrid systems

Save excess power in a battery pack and sell the surplus whenever you want

Hybrid systems are a combination of solar power and a connection to the electricity grid, but you have the option of storing the power you produce in a storage battery. In this way, you can become self-sufficient and, for example, charge your electric car at night for free. This system works by measuring solar cell production and consumption. This means that, in case of excess electricity in the household over a longer period, the excess electricity can be sold to the electricity company. This is a great advantage and gives you the greatest possible savings on your electricity bill.


There are savings to be made

With a hybrid system, you can store excess power production in the included battery pack and thus avoid selling your self-produced power at well below the price you have to pay for a kWh.

With a hybrid system, you can produce one kWh for approximately DKK 1 and thus achieve a saving of approximately DKK 1.25 per kWh.

If a large system of 3.4 kWp and a 9.6 kWh battery pack are installed in a household with an annual consumption of 5,500 kWh, you will typically have to buy 2,550 kwH annually and thus produce 2,950 kW on a south-facing roof. The electricity bill will thus be reduced by approx. DKK 6,500 per year.

Benefits of hybrid

  • A hybrid system saves solar energy for the night and further reduces your purchase of electricity

  • Get up to 60% better overall economy compared to a regular solar cell installation

  • Become independent of fluctuating subsidy schemes

  • Become almost self-sufficient in the summer with green electricity

Dealer of some of the world’s leading manufacturers

SoftControl sells products from KSTAR and Growatt, which are leading brands within inverters and batteries for solar cell systems.

We have chosen to integrate their systems so that we can help our customers

  • a highly efficient use of solar energy
  • increased self-sufficiency and network independence
  • reduced electricity bills

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