Adjust the light with a “touch”, turn it off and dim it for mood and healthy economy   

Upgrade to a wireless lighting control system and gain increased control over individual lamp locations and outlets; you can select manual, sensor-activated or programmed lighting control. Everything is convenient and helps to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of your light sources.

With the manual control, you can easily switch the connected lamp locations and sockets on and off through the CleverHouse app. That way, you can turn on the light via your mobile, even when you are not at home, so that the house looks occupied.

Connect via wireless sensors and switches

You can also choose wireless sensors and switches, with modern and versatile designs. Simply install the wireless connectors on a wall or door frame. We often use the EnOcean switch series, which is self-sufficient in energy, so you do not even have to change batteries.

In addition, you can use different types of outputs; CleverHouse IO module directly in a 230V socket outlet, an adapter module to screw directly into the lamp socket, or a wireless receiver directly into the socket.

Combine the light control with a motion sensor or a PIR sensor, so you can also control the outdoor light.

Dim and program your light

With the use of dimming, you can also create the right lighting and mood for different situations. In addition, you can enter weekly programs and one-time events to turn the light on and off at certain times.

Let the light turn on for you

  • Turn lamp lights and socket on and off via the app
  • Enter weekly programs and one-time events that turn the lights on and off at certain times
  • Combine with a motion sensor
  • Control dimming of lights
  • Connect different buttons
  • The system can be made wired or wireless

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