Data monitoring helps to ensure that the solar installation is running correctly. The typical customer who has solar cells installed has a high level of awareness the first month, where the installation is checked daily and the production is noted. After a month or two it might become weekly and after six months the interest has dropped so much that the production figure is only read once a month. After a year, the intervals between readings become longer and longer. By investing in professional data monitoring, the system itself can monitor the performance of the installation and notify the user of any operational disturbances.


At SoftControl we have developed our own monitoring system SunSystem. Here are 3 options for monitoring:

  • Use a SoftControl gateway of type SC.GH.01(Ethernet) or SC.GH.02 (WiFi)
  • Use a CleverHouse main controller SC.CC.01
  • Use a Solar-Log data logger


With SunSystem, you can easily and quickly see if inverters are reporting faults or monitor your energy production (per day, month, year and total), CO2 savings and power output.

See the dashboard for a private residence.

See dashboard for a housing association.


Link to login to the portal:


There are many data monitoring systems on the market and many inverter manufacturers provide their own. Our sister lab Invent4you researched the market back in 2008 and found Solar-Log, a German company located near Stuttgart. The advantage of Solar-Log is that it can retrieve data from most recognised inverters on the market. The company was contacted and Invent4you made a Danish translation of the firmware so that today it is in Danish.

Solarlog has a built-in web server and an SD card so that the solar cell production loads locally on the Solar-Log hardware. Besides storing data locally, it can also send data up in the "cloud" to a portal, which ensures that data can be accessed via the Internet.


See the portal at:

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