Create security through technology, and reduce the risk of burglary with effective burglar alarms

When you leave your property, you don’t need to worry any more about what is happening while you are away. With a security system from CleverHouse, you will always be notified about uninvited guests. You can also keep neighbours or friends on the list of who should receive an alarm, so you can help each other safeguard what is precious to you.

Also use the feature to get notified when your family comes home. You can also expand the alarm system with a reliable webcam or IP camera, in order to keep a watchful eye and have a complete overview of the activity. Surveillance images are one of the best forms of evidence against uninvited guests and can be used not only in case of theft, but also to clear up errors, collisions and any kind of unwanted activity or movement in the area at any time of the day.

Put security in the system

  • Always be informed through an alarm if something happens
  • Let neighbours or friends be on the list of people who should receive an alarm, so you help each other as a neighbourhood watch
  • Use the feature to get notified when your family comes home
  • Connect motion sensors, magnetic switches and physical switches
  • Connect web cameras
  • Combine the system with an IP camera

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