Service agreement

SoftControl service agreement for customers with EnergySystem

One thing is the actual installation of EnergySystem, which often includes heat management – the ongoing operation and optimisation is something else. We can help with both parts, and
if you also choose to enter into a service agreement, you are sure that the system will be utilised optimally.


In your property, you will experience the following benefits of a fixed service agreement:

  • An annual review and check of your installations
  • Software optimisation
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • The heating plant is better maintained when the problems are discovered in time
  • Less risk of bacterial growth in hot water tank
  • Reliable operation of heating and domestic hot water
  • Opportunity for advice on optimisation of the installation and property
  • Telephone support – often the problems can be solved over the phone
  • Lower heat consumption
  • Electronic documentation online
  • Provision of guard service


In SoftControl, we have an overview of the plumbing, electricity, lighting, and heating that is necessary in order to see the projects in their entirety from an environmental and energy point of view.
We have many years of experience with heat management and are experts in energy optimisation. This gives us a completely unique opportunity to not only understand your property, but also, to optimise it. By having a service agreement, you ensure that SoftControl becomes a partner, and we provide consultancy within the following:

  • Energy optimisation of installations and properties
  • Operation of heating plants
  • Profitable energy savings
  • Energy renovation
  • Renewable energy
  • CO2-reduction measures

Avoid downtime by letting us monitor your installation, we make sure everything runs optimally and most economically, without you having to worry!