Project description

Work process

At SoftControl, it is important to achieve the best result for the customer and the user, even though two projects are never the same. Therefore, we always make sure to prepare thoroughly and adapt the product to the user's needs and wishes.


A project usually proceeds as follows:

  1. A project manager from SoftControl and a subcontractor review the existing installations together, and project how the setup of the new intelligent system should be implemented, along with the internet connection.
  2. The work begins with a focus on setting up and installing the main controllers, with everything associated with them, and ensuring the optimal internet connection.
  3. Prepare assembly work with the floor plan of the location of units, e.g., window switches, actuators, lighting. This involves a systematic review of the units, which are placed in numerical order by location, so that they are connected to the associated main controllers.
  4. Check that all devices have power or battery installed.
  5. Before mounting wireless devices, our project manager must initiate a troubleshooting routine in the controllers, in order to monitor the wireless signals as they are established and to follow up on the systematic device management.
  6. Installation of various units in relation to the specific product requirements and user needs.
  7. The system is now basically installed and SoftControl must now monitor the system de-centrally and make a general system setup before the commissioning.
  8. Now the system is up and running and is 80% complete. However, the system is not yet commissioned.
  9. The installation is completed, and the system is handed over to the technical manager on site. This involves a review of the installations, as well as an introduction to the user interfaces of the app and/or computer program.
  10. SoftControl continuously monitors the installations over a period of 2-4 weeks, so that corrections can be made.
  11. Delivery of project, where the customer receives documentation, manuals, service agreements, etc.
  12. The project ends.