Case Torslev School

Torslev School

Torslev School in Øster Vrå had Cleverhouse installed a few years ago to get a more user-friendly control of their heating and to save money on the school budget.

The installation controls and monitors heating, ventilation, the school bell, outdoor lighting and one of 3 water pipes into the school.

Technical service staff Søren Pedersen and Allan Valentin Madsen say they were not involved in the start-up of the installation. They say that they heard from the previous technical service employee at the school that there were some start-up difficulties, but that the system is running quite well now. They say that it was easy to get used to the system when they had to learn how to use it. They both use PCs to control and monitor Cleverhouse, which is what works best for them. They are very happy with the overview they have of the whole system when sitting at the PC, and one thing they mention as a big plus is that the previous one-off events just disappear out of the system by themselves, that you don't have to go in and delete them. They both think this is a huge plus because they create a lot of one-off events for evening events at the school.       

They are both very enthusiastic about how user-friendly Cleverhouse is and the many program options the system offers. They say that it is extremely easy to program and that they can now warm up the outskirts of the school much more easily, something they have struggled with a lot in the past. They both think it works really well, but point out that it is important to get the latest updates to the system. They had a period last year where experienced a lot of problems with the system, but after it was updated, it has been running really well, and this is also what they have heard from another school in the municipality where the system has not been updated, the system is not running very well.

Søren and Allan are very aware of using Cleverhouse so that they can save as much as possible, as it is the school's own budget that has to cover any excess spending.

They use Cleverhouse for night-time heating, and the heat in each classroom is regulated according to the level of activity there and what pupils and teachers want the temperature to be at.

The ventilation system runs during break times and for a period just after the last lesson. In relation to ventilation, Søren and Allan have a big task in communicating to both pupils and teachers that you should not open windows and doors to get some fresh air or to try to lower the temperature if you think it is too hot. It is the old habits that are important to change in order to maintain the savings, so this aspect is where Søren and Allan feel a little challenged.

The school bell is of course also controlled by the system.

The monitoring of one of the water pipes at the school caused them to discover a leak on the water pipe in the spring and this meant that they could quickly have the damage repaired. Søren and Allan would like to have the other two water pipes connected to the system so that they can also monitor them and thereby be on top of it should another leak occur.

Søren and Allan think that it works well that they can program each part of the system at the same time, so that the one can program the heating while the other programs the outdoor lighting. And they are very enthusiastic about the fact that they have been able to name each room in the system themselves, which makes it easy and clear to work with in everyday life. Thus, the names of each room they use in everyday speech are also the names that appear in the system on the PC.   

With the experience both Søren and Allan have with the system, they would definitely recommend Cleverhouse to others, both to other public institutions and to private ones, as it clearly lives up to their expectations.

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