Case Skæve Church

Skæve Church

In early 2017, Skæve Church started using Cleverhouse for heating control.

Grave digger Anita Jensen had heard about the product from other grave diggers in connection with courses, and contacted the electrician they were already using.

He came out and gave a thorough review of the possibilities of using Cleverhouse, and once everything was installed, Anita Jensen got a good introduction to using the app, so she felt well equipped to start using it.

"The app is clear and easy to use," says Anita Jensen, who is very happy to have switched to Cleverhouse.

She uses the app on her phone to manage and monitor the installation, while the other members of the church staff use the PC. They all think it works very well.

In the app she has a go overview of the 4 heating groups there are in the church, nave - choir - porch and organ which all run with a base heat of 7 degrees, a min. temperature that is set in relation to the old materials in the church, the organ, etc.

Skæve Kirke does not make use of the weekly programs function, as there is no system in place for when the church is in use. Anita Jensen creates a one-off event each time and it works optimally for the church.

Skæve Kirke has had a user-specific function created in the form of a switch in the porch so that Anita Jensen, in the event of a sudden need, can turn on the heat for 2 hours after which it switches itself off again. And Anita Jensen is very pleased that it has been possible to create an individual solution.

Anita Jensen would recommend Cleverhouse in every respect to other colleagues in the industry.

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