Case Hellevad Church

Calendar management in the church

Hellevad Church is located in Klokkerholm and is managed by EnergySystem. The church has installed heating control, mixing loop control, access control and lighting control.

Grave digger Henrik Jul Larsen is responsible for monitoring and controlling the installations in the church. This has given Henrik more confidence that everything is running automatically. The church uses the calendar control for events in the church, meaning that as soon as the priest sets up, for example, a service, the system itself knows that the temperature must be 18 °C inside the church, the door must be unlocked and the lights must be on at the right time. The access control and lighting control are also time-sensitive, as the church is open every day from morning to evening for visitors.

Easy and quick access

When Henrik is working outdoors or inside the church, he uses the app for control, but when he is in his office, he uses the computer application.

Henrik also makes use of the intelligent control when the church needs to be visited by craftsmen early in the morning or when the church choir uses the church in the evening on a weekly basis. Here he can easily and quickly control the system from home or set it up in the calendar.

EnergySystem has provided security

Security was the primary reason the church chose the system, as it provides more assurance that Henrik can quickly check that the door is locked, the lights are off and that the heat is correct before an event. Henrik initially had to get used to relying on the system, but now he expects it to just work, as it always does. However, he is in to check if everything is correct once in a while.

Local cooperation

Henrik is happy that SoftControl is local to the area, so it's easy to get help if questions arise. It is 18 °C in the church when there is an event and 12 °C when there is nothing planned in the calendar.

Henrik would recommend EnergySystem to others, as the calendar management in particular has made a big difference to his work routine. When the church needs to renovate its public toilets, he would like to have the lock control and light control installed at them, as it will make the job of locking doors and controlling lights easier.

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