Case Applus Bilsyn

Applus Bilsyn will create value by integrating sustainable efforts into their daily operations

Therefore, they have signed a contract with SoftControl in winter 2020 for the first phase of intelligent energy optimisation of their technical inspection centers in Denmark.

In its future strategy, Applus Bilsyn has chosen to identify the challenges facing society and precisely how they can contribute positively to the green transition. They have therefore chosen SoftControl to develop a new intelligent energy management system, which is specially tailored to Applus Bilsyn's technical inspection centers. This will allow Applus Bilsyn to be at the forefront of the 17 SDGs, in addition to making financial savings.

At SoftControl we are grateful for the sustainable cooperation and strongly support Applus' decision to take responsibility and reduce CO2 emissions.

Here Peter is seen with Purchasing Manager Lars Hahn Haugaard from Applus Denmark.

First smart technical inspection center

The Holbaek technical inspection center was the first showroom in the project.







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