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About us

Since 1997, SoftControl has developed and delivered an intelligent energy system, including technical installations for both private and business use. At SoftControl, we focus on a sustainable transition and support the UN’s 17 Global Goals; we help our customers to achieve a sustainable everyday life by including five of these (no. 7, 9, 12, 13 and 17).

Via the app, “CleverHouse”, the user controls and monitors everything from electricity, water, heat, temperature, humidity, alarms, solar cells and heat pumps to ventilation systems. By controlling the technical installations, the user can save on consumption and CO2 emissions and save on daily costs. The user can also achieve safety, comfort and an overview of daily life.

SoftControl has a large customer segment in schools and churches, among other things, where it is important for the user to control the indoor climate, lighting and access, and their systems are often linked to a work calendar that controls these functions.

The four business areas

At SoftControl, we have four different areas of work:

  • CleverHouse A flexible system that makes it easy to manage and monitor all technical installations in your buildings via the CleverHouse app on your smartphone or tablet, or through a computer program.
  • EnergySystem If you own a building larger than 250 m2 or your property/company/institution consists of several buildings, then EnergySystem is the solution. The system makes it possible to connect several installations that can be managed from a single online device.
  • SunSystem Choose a green energy source, both for the environment and for economy. With SunSystem, you get a superb overview of the production of your sustainable power, and it reduces your expenses.
  • InfoScreen Communicate data from CleverHouse and SunSystem or important information and activity via a screen solution at eye level. With InfoScreen, you can present daily programmes, PowerPoint, PDFs, images, websites, daily news, and more.

Contact us at or call +45 70 25 78 50 for a discussion about how we can help you embrace a green transition by utilising your resources and systems correctly!