Privacy Policy

LetEl respects the privacy of its customers and abides by the rules and regulations set out regarding privacy policy. We collect the information's from the app provided by you and ensure its safety and security. This notice is laid out explaining our information collection process.

The notice intakes detailed information regarding the data collected from our LetEl app. All the information submitted or collected on our application stays with us. The services that LetEl provides are related to the Electric Vehicle Charging process. LetEl asks for the name of the customer, address, and phone number in order to register an account. Other than this we do not ask for any information from our users.

We collect the information in order to provide better services and make the EV Charging process smooth. Our motive is to provide end-to-end Electronic Vehicle Charging solutions and allow you to charge your EVs hassle-free. We do not share your information with a third party.

You understand and recognize the fact that all the information gathered on our application is to provide real-time services. You have provided the information with your consent, desire, and own wish. You also recognize that we hold no position to verify the source of the personal information provided by you on our app. All the data given from your end is provided is with your free consent.

Allow’ “Letel” to access your location?

Letel needs your location to display the nearby EV charging station and provide the distance to reach the destination. If you do not want to share your location click ‘Don’t Allow’, but keep in mind that you will not be able to locate a real-time EV charging station.